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Mission & Vision


Our vision is to create independent, young talents so that they would grow to be active life-long learners and caring members of the society.


Apricot Academy is a bilingual and multiple intelligence preschool supported by inquiry and project-based curriculumthat provides high quality and developmentally age appropriate early learning for all. Our stimulating, learner-centric and conducive environment is a great platform for the cycle of learning and teaching to take place that encompasses the whole child.



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Comprehensive Education



A proven system

 Our preschool education allows children to discover and gain knowledge through our fun-filled projects and activities. It prepares the children to reflect upon their experiences through learner-centred activities of a project based, Inquiry and Multiple Intelligence curriculum.

Our program reflects on the philosophy of Early Childhood Education.

high-quality, premium programmes for every child and provides a safe, healthy and engaging environment.

Early childhood education


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Our flexible, integrated curricula and instruction programme is designed to:

  • Mould each individual child via character-building opportunities
  • Embrace a myriad of learning strategies that focus on engaging a learner's strengths and intelligences through exciting and challenging project-based activities

Our stimulating, learner-centric and conducive environment is a great platform for the cycle of learning and teaching to take place!

The academy is committed to provide opportunities for our young seedlings to sprout and become active learners by searching for knowledge and discovering answers to their questions using higher order thinking skills.

Our professionally trained and qualified staff, who understand that all children can learn, help enhance continual developmentally age-appropriate learning to take place by providing adequate opportunities, time and guidance.



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